_DSC2497 copy.jpgPhotos from last exhibition, ÖBKHL Sweden, may 2018
Photography Womenswear installation, movie In advance of a broken arm installation.

Amanda Asp
Artist, Photographer

ArtScience, Stockholm University

Selected exhibitions
9/5-3/6 Örebro konsthall, 2018
7/4-27/5 Örebro läns museum, 2018
2/12-31/12 Rådhusets julkalender, 2017
30/1-12/2 Paviljong LUX, 2017

About my art
I investigate what creates happiness and suffering people’s lives. Measures of success. Body sensitivity, defined by measurable contours, measurements, composition and general planning summarizes my art. Beauty and consolation as the pursuit, the perfect which is a precision and moderation. The latest project describes both formal features and references from the various theories of art history. My search for finding environments, setting time and space into a story about hundreds of women’s stories have just begun. To set out our image of relief and how we define it has been the foundation of my most recent works. It takes shape in symbolic content and what women do to consulate themselves. I am particularly interested in iconographic and iconological analyzes. I’m both behind the camera and at the same time in front of it in my latest project Womenswear.